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Family Law: adoption, guardianship (USA)
I would like to divorce my husband in EU with my children. i just got back to the US last month. I felt harm by him. can i file the divorce here in the US? How can i find a good lawyer for my case? so far no one accept my case.
thank you for helping,

Immigration Law (USA)
I need your advise. So me and my wife want to live in USA. I graduated university but i dont have legal experience of work. We have a baby (8 months). I think the best way to move to USA as follows i`ll go fist and after some have past my wife with baby will come . The point is that i dont know what type of visa do we need and so on. And it will be very good if you say how much it will cost.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (USA)
My son,a US citizen, married a Russian girl, helped her to obtain the GC, had a child born, in NJ. After the child was born, she wanted to go back to Russia and to take a 6 month old baby with her. She asks my son to prepare a passport for a child, so that she can visit her family.(Her mom has been visiting her for 6 months previously). My son is afraid she is going to divorce him in Russia, never come back and that she would ask for a child support from Russia. What he is supposed to do? Let her go without divorce or divorce her or annul the marriage? It is obvious for me that she just used my son to get a Green card and legalize her status. She had previous marriage to another guy, but her first American husband did not agree to do the GC paperwork for her, so she divorced him. My son was sincerely in love with her and now he is totally destroyed by the situation. I need to help him out. Please, advise what can be done. Thanks.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (USA)
I know a Ukranian woman who is married to an America. They were married for very short time. She lives in Ukraine now and she wants to divorce her American Husband. can she file for divorce in Ukraine. If Ukranian court grants divorce, Is this divorce decree accepted in Wisconsin, USA.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (USA)
I am a father and am very involved with our daughter. My spouse and I share time with her fifty-fifty? Do you still have to pay child support?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (USA)

Immigration Law (USA)
My husband was convicted of a third degree distribution. He is from the UK. The judge in NYC sentenced him to a year in jail.
I am a United States Citizen. We also have a child together. His conviction occured in the us. He will face deportation. Can he ever re-enter the US?

Immigration Law (USA)
What is the process involved if you are marrying an illegal immigrant?
My boyfriend entered this country
legally on a tourist visa, he overstayed his time. He has been working in this country since he has been here. We are planning on getting married. What is the likelihood of him getting legal residence without having to go back to his country.

Immigration Law (USA)
What do I do now that immigration is telling me that my marriage is fake. We are not fake. This is insulting and disrespectful to us. Do I confront them and verbally tell them my mind, do I contact my congressman. What do I do and who do I contact? Thank You.

Questions: 93
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