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Divorce in Russia

With the development of technology, people will get involved in international relationships. You might need to get divorce, or receive vital records documentation from other countries, or get professional legal opinion from Russian attorney, or make a personal service to Defendant in Russia. We will be glad to handle any of these matters.

If you need a Russian Divorce attorney or you need someone who is an expert in Russian law, our company will provide to you with a low-cost solution and positive results in complex Russian litigation.

If you are married with Russian spouse or going to be, you need to be prepared, informed, and advised about procedure of divorce. This is definitely needed when you already involved in procedure of divorce. If you have Russian or dual citizenship, or your spouse or you both have Russian or dual citizenship, you always have door open for the Russian Divorce, which much easier and more affordable in comparison to divorces in the US, UK or Switzerland, for example.

If your divorce spans international borders, make sure your divorce attorney has a special knowledge and experience to handle divorce case for you.

In case when you seeking for divorce with spouse who are agreed for divorce (uncontested divorce), our law company will be glad to offer best price and handle your case as soon as possible (express lane).

In case of contested divorce, you may require attorney who can resolve your case with aggressive manner of litigation of divorce, custody, visitation, or division of property. Our law company undertakes your case of divorce and will find best resolution for your situation. To protect your legal rights, Russian-Divorce provides strategic, knowledgeable and aggressive litigation services for complex matrimonial cases involving international component.

In case of matrimonial troubles with dual citizenship component, we will be glad to handle your case.

If you need to receive any legal documents from court, ZAGS, and police authorities, including Apostille in any jurisdiction, please do not hesitate to contact us now. We also will be glad to make personal service in any jurisdiction.

After 20 years of multijurisdictional practice, we have earned the brilliant reputation for providing high quality and effective solution to the international law matters.

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Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I was married in December 2016 with Russian lady. She came to United States and we registered our marriage in New York. After 4 weeks she went back home. Sometime after I found that all was fake and decide to start divorce the March 2017 going via American court. Unfortunately all divorce cases now handling required Service under the Hague Convention which is extremely complicated and time consuming. I found meantime another woman and would like to marry her.

I am originally from former USSR know that divorce in Russia is not so complicated and can be done much faster. We being together only 4 weeks and after that she never come to United States, we don’t have any common properties, business, etc. No child. I never submitted spouse support application for her to Immigration.

Do you know if it will be possible for me to get divorce in Russia despite the fact that marriage was registered in United States? BTW – I am not Russian citizen.

The rights of foreign nationals (Germany)
It was nice to hear from you again and will like to know how i can be sure about is really hard to believe things on the internet now a days.I really need this birth certificate legalized for me.I was born in Russia but when i was 5 years we moved to Germany and since then i have had a Germany passport and right now i have moved to Netherlands and they are telling me to do this legalization of my birth certificate but all the same i am going to send a copy of it for you and also be thinking about how the payment can be made.
I hope to hear from you again and so can you tell me how long this can take for you to make it.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
Hello madam Karina Duvall, I’m a girl of age 19 years and I’m in South Africa. I had a Russian boyfriend named Vasily Alexandrovich. He was here on work, on July 2017, actually we met and in some months I got pregnant. As I’m an orphan and stay alone he supported me even when he was back to Russia. After three months, the guy never talked to me until now. I am helpless; the friends I was staying with dumped me off. And now I have a baby of four days, the guy still doesn’t communicate to me. Please madam, I’m down on your knees. Help me in anyhow to find him at least for the baby to be alright. I have some details of the place that he stays and a friend who knows there too. Waiting to hear from you madam. Thanks in advance

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I need divorce paperwork to be hand delivered to a woman in Saint Petersburg. She is my wife. American law says I have to hand it to her.

Is there anyone who can do that for me? I will give you $1,200.00 for that service if you hand it to her and then send a letter to me that says you delivered it to her.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I got your email on a search on google

I am wanting to get a divorce, my
wife lives in Moscow and i am currently in South Africa. we have not been living together or seen each other for over 2 years.

Here are the copies of our certificates. I believe she still has the original with her.

Can you please tell me the price you would charge to assist in this.
Looking forward to hear from you

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Well it's not for happy reasons I email you. I moved to Russia to be with my pregnant wife at the time. She had the baby almost 10 months ago and I've stayed in Russia to be with them. I don't trust leaving my daughter alone in Russia with my wife. Now I am in a position where I can not afford to stay. My wife although making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year will not help me financially with anything. I am now losing credit score very fast due to my inability to pay bills without her help because I was not able to work in Russia. She threatens that if I file for divorce she will take our daughter but it can not be real because she is not a mother. She does not spend any time taking care of our daughter. Stopped breastfeeding after the 2nd week, punched her belly when our daughter was in the womb, will not help me with her ever. Gave our daughter her first bath after 7 months. Until then I would bathe her or my wife's mother would bathe her. My wife used to beat me physically, kick me out of her apartment when I had no place to go in Russia, and no money to get a hotel, I would walk around Moscow until she would allow me to return. I need help understanding Russian law, she says that she does not have to help me with anything and the court will automatically grant her custody of our daughter because she simply is the biological mother. I optimistically pray this is not the case because if it is, I seriously fear for my daughter and her life. I have no where to turn for help in this scenario at this time. I plead with you to give me some chance to explain everything to you in person. I am an American living here, and I've just gotten my residence in Russia. I live in Moscow.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
My wife & I would like to use your services to obtain a divorce in Russia.

have looked at your website, can we both use your service or do we need a solicitor each, like in the UK?

If we need one each, one of us will use your company, so pls recommend another solicitor to us?

My wife is a Russian national, I am English, we married in Moscow May 2013, both are happy to separate, we want nothing from one another, my wife has a child that is 12 yrs old, I am not the father of this child.

I would like to have all documents sent in Russian & English, my wife speaks, reads Russian & English, I only English, can you give both of us an indication of the cost of the divorce, in Rubbles, USD or Euros so I can asses the cost pls.

I will also like to hold a telephone conversation with you in English before we proceed, I will call once we can arrange a time & date for a conference call with all three of us, my wife, a solicitor and myself.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
I am American and my Wife is Russian. We married in Russia. We have had last April a child in Germany and now my Wife has gone to Russia with our Child. She said she wanted to spend the Christmas with her Family and I agreed. Now she does not want to come back to Germany and wants me to go to Russia too. Our Child is not one year old yet.

In case my wife requests a Divorce in Russia and she has the custody of my child, how much is the Alimony? if my Child lives in Russia and I live in Germany I think I will lose it.

I need some advises how to proceed.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
I've heard you work on some Russian documents. I need divorce certificate from Smolensk, Russia. I didn't take it on time, now I cannot apply for the Green Card because of that. Please, advice. Thank you.

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
I am a US citizen, who married in Russia, a Russian citizen, in 2001. She moved to the USA with me, in 2001, and we had a child late 2002. Early 2003, she moved back to Russia with our infant child. They returned to the USA in 2005, and we lived together until they left again in 2007. I have visit them in Russia, however, nether my daughter or wife had returned to the USA since 2006. I have since come to find out my wife was unfaithful. So now I would like to dissolve the marriage.

Is there any grounds to annul due to the fact we haven't leaved together for over 10 years? or Due to the fact that when we got married, the marriage license was obtained fraudulently. We needed to have it within a week, and something was done to make this happen, otherwise we would have had to wait 32 days. Anyway, is there away to annul the marriage because the license was obtained fraudulently??

The marriage took place in St. Petersburg. How much would it cost to court file? I mean, my understanding is, it has to be court filed since there is a minor child. Is that correct? Also, if my wife agrees to the dissolution, my understanding is that the divorce can be pushed through without the child custody/money issues attached, and they can be dealt with separately. Is this correct?

Also, how much does it cost to obtain my marriage certificate? I need the original for US immigration purposes as well as the divorce. My wife has an original, but, so far she hasn't sent it to me.

Questions: 395
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