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In Pursuit of the American Dream

Karina Duvall
Today we will talk about young Russian women who rush to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. However, not only young, and not only newly arrived in America: many of our girls and women go down the same road, regardless of age, social status, income, or place of residence.

Have you noticed how many women and how often they become hostages of their children? Have we thought about what makes young girls and not so young to give birth to children without getting married? Have children with foreigners, without understanding their desires, intentions, plans, as well as those who do not have their own plans for living together? Read More »

Extract from administrative appeal

Karina Duvall
Contempt of the court, disobeying the court order, ignoring the legal requirements of the bailiff, neglecting the Father’s parental and procedural rights, confirm that the first instance court order was erroneous and should be vacated. The case should be forwarded to the first instance court for new consideration involving all participants. Read More »

It is a legal opinion of Karina Duvall with answer for common question on how to immigrate to the United States with a minor child without the father’s consent

Karina Duvall
The mother exercises full rights to the Child. The Mother makes key decisions about the daughter and provides her housing and care. Actually, the Mother has sole custody over Child. She is acting precisely in the best interest of both children; she is compelled to relocate due to her marriage with American citizen and acts in behalf of both children, who cannot be separated. Read More »

Karina Duvall, Russian matrimonial attorney, is resolving visitation issues for her U.S. client in Appellate Division of Moscow City Court

Karina Duvall
However, the court did not take into account the Plaintiff’s opinion on the choice of an expert institution and ordered the examination to the ANO Institute of Forensic Psychological Expertise, where none of the experts speaks English, and the English interpreter was not involved in the manner prescribed by law. That is, at the beginning of expertise a certain woman was present: without a name, surname, and diploma confirming knowledge of the English. This woman gave up and left the examination before it ended. Her identity has never been established. Read More »


Europwan Court of Human Rights
This case is a subject of my special pride. As an attorney for the mother, I represented the interests of I.K. and her daughter V. in the appeal proceedings. Based of my appeal, the order of the first instance court was cancelled, and the St. Petersburg City Court as Appellate Division made a new order. As result, little girl stayed with her mother in Russia, and no one and nothing can change that. Read More »
Articles: 229
Page 1 from 46
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