Legal defense in court in civil cases including: divorces, child support, the alimony obligations, adoptions, inheritance proceedings. Legalization of foreign divorces, search of divorce records in Russia, ex-USSR, United States. Registration, legalization of documents, apostilles. Restoration of certificates of marriage and divorce, of birth and death in Russia, the former USSR, USA, Europe, Australia, and other countries.

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Europwan Court of Human Rights
This case is a subject of my special pride. As an attorney for the mother, I represented the interests of I.K. and her daughter V. in the appeal proceedings. Based of my appeal, the order of the first instance court was cancelled, and the St. Petersburg City Court as Appellate Division made a new order. As result, little girl stayed with her mother in Russia, and no one and nothing can change that. Read More »

Legal opinion to the federal court

Karina Duvall
The grounds can be paraphrased and summarized as: the complaint is subject to consideration and resolution via another judicial procedure (1); the complaint demands the defence of rights, liberties or lawful interests by a person who lacks standing to seek such relief (2); and there is a pre-existing enforceable judicial decision, or an arbitral decision, covering the parties’ dispute (3). Read More »

Ukrainian citizenship

Karina Duvall
In comparison with Article 19 of Law No. 1636-XII (1991) titled ‘Petition for Exit from Ukrainian citizenship’, it demands a written statement from the petitioner who wishes to withdraw their Ukrainian citizenship. However, the deprivation of citizenship stated in Article 20 of Law No. 1636-XII which is the applicable law in this circumstance, is a matter of fact, which occurs regardless of any motion, desire or consent of person, nor without expressing his will in any form, on the basis of the mere fact of voluntary acquisition of citizenship of a foreign country. Read More »

The deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship is matter of fact

Karina Duvall
In accordance with Articles 20 of Law 1636-XII, the citizenship of Ukraine was terminated due to deprivation of citizenship. Compared with Petition for exit from Ukrainian citizenship (Articles 19 of Law 1636-XII), which demands written statement from petitioner, deprivation of citizenship is matter of fact, which occurs regardless of the any motion, desire or consent of person, without expressing his will in any form, on the basis of the mere fact of voluntary acquisition of citizenship of a foreign country (Article 20 of Law 1636-XII). Read More »

Apostille (Convention de la Haye du 5 Octobre 1961). Common mistakes and delusions of legalization of official documents

Karina Duvall
Common mistakes

We are all fully informed that in the market of legal services we often meet people who have a very indirect connection with jurisprudence. Hence the common mistakes, in particular, when an apostille is put on a notarial copy of the document. The deceived client takes the document precisely for “testimony with an apostille”, but when arriving in another country, he is disappointed to find out that his document cannot be recognized. Read More »
Articles: 223
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