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Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I have not seen my Russian wife for over two years she walked out of my house with all her belongings over 3yrs ago. I have asked for a divorce on several occasions to which she asks for me to do things before she will divorce me. On one occasion she said that i have got to get her a Schengen visa before she can start thinking about giving me a divorce. Now she wants me to pay her a divorce settlement and also pay for her solicitor. Recently she has asked me to help her get back into the UK, she was arrested and imprisoned and deported from the UK for using a passport that belonged to a deceased woman. A year after she left my home I traveled to the UK and met a woman who fell pregnant and has had my child. My wife is insisting that that was cheating and I must pay for it. Where do I stand with this, I would like to divorce in Moscow, but she says she wants to divorce in the UK. She took all the marriage paperwork with her when she left my house in Moscow 3 months after we were married. We have no children and we have no properties or businesses together, what do i owe her and how can i get a divorce from her in Moscow without having the papers of our marriage. How do I avoid divorcing in the UK, my wife is currently living in Russia and I am in the UK. Can she instruct UK lawyers, has she got the right to? Thank you

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
Good morning,

My name Is David, I’m writing on behalf my girlfriend, I do actually I live
in Belgium, my girlfriend is being here many time as get a Visa for her is not a problem. Now that our relation is more than stablished we want to take her son Vova. The think is that she is already being divorced for 7 years wright now with her ex. We have no news from him since the day he was born. He also owns to her a big amount of money as he did never take care of buying one single thing for his son food, supplies etc.. This man is originally from Moldova and his never being registered to Russia. We need a solution as we cannot find the way to get in touch with him, maybe his dead we don’t know. We want to start a new beginning in Belgium as a family and we need really serious help. As also Vova her son thinks I’m his father we are now being many years together and he thinks I work abroad, and we see only me for Christmas and summer holidays. I really need you help as we been after this for more than 3 years.

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
I hope you are keeping well, thanks for all your help with my divorce from Natalia.
the divorce has gone through months ago Natalia thinks she can claim money from me. She has been talking to her sister who has been encouraging her.
She wants to go to the British Embassy in Russia and complain that I should buy her and her son from a previous marriage a house.
She is also threatening to fly to South Africa to argue with my mother for money.
Does Natalia have any grounds to make a successful claim seeing we are divorced ?
Natalia was living in Moscow where it was much cheaper to live. She has now moved to St. Petersburg where things are far more expensive and is demanding I buy her an apartment.
Natalia contacted my brothers ex-wife in South Africa who then warned me that Natalia was causing trouble,

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)

I am a UK citizen, who married in Russia, a Russian citizen, in 2001. She moved
to the USA with me, in 2001, and we had a child late 2001. Early 2002, she moved back to Russia with our infant child. They returned to the USA in 2004, and we lived together until they left again in 2006. I have visit them in Russia, however, nether my daughter or wife had returned to the USA since 2006. I have since come to find out my wife was unfaithful. So now I would like to dissolve the marriage.

Is there any grounds to annul due to the fact we haven't leaved together for over 10 years? or Due to the fact that when we got married, the marriage license was obtained fraudulently. We needed to have it within a week, and something was done to make this happen, otherwise we would have had to wait 32 days. Anyway, is there away to annul the marriage because the license was obtained fraudulently??

The marriage took place in Moscow. How much would it cost to court file? I mean, my understanding is, it has to be court filed since there is a minor child. Is that correct? Also, if my wife agrees to the dissolution, my understanding is that the divorce can be pushed through without the child custody/money issues attached, and they can be dealt with separately. Is this correct?

Also, how much does it cost to obtain my marriage certificate? I need the original for US immigration purposes as well as the divorce. My wife has an original, but, so far she hasn't sent it to me.

Thank you,

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
I found your name and activity through your website.

I am British and married to a Russian,
we have been married just over 3 years. Unfortunately we are separated since August this year.
My wife resides in Moscow with our son aged 2 Years and 3 months.
I am not allowed to have unsupervised access to him when I visit Moscow every month.

I notice you represent people from the USA, do you also cover the UK?

The action and assistance I require would be in Russia.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
I'm from Germany and I have a young daughter in Moscow. Her mother and I never lived together and we were not married. We got into, what is basically a stupid, conflict about a year ago (I wrote very detailed account for the lawyer who will represent my case). During past year I was blocked for several months from contacting my daughter. I traveled to Moscow a few times in order to try to solve things by diplomacy. Every time things would progress and then deteriorate fast when I returned to my home in Germany.

Basically, I just want some time alone with my daughter during vacation and normal visitation rights without restrictions that my ex is imposing at the moment. My ex insists on being present to every activity of my daughter and me. She is also not willing to let my daughter visit me in many for vacation. The ironic thing is that I'm regular with paying child support (voluntarily, since no paper has been signed at any point), I have no criminal record of any kind and no history of any mental diseases or addictions and I was never aggressive or even raised a voice to my daughter. What's more I agreed on paying my ex vacation in Germany (not with me and my daughter, of course) just to try and solve
things diplomatically.

I've read Russian family law and based on that I sent my ex my proposal for parental agreement but she is doing everything but she is stalling me for weeks now and I might as well start preparing for legal battle.

What are my chances of winning a court case? Is it possible for my daughter to visit me in Germany during vacations? It must be noted that Germany signed Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and what is more our police is very diligent in enforcing it so there is no chance for me to abduct my daughter (not as
if I would wish to do something like that).

So, would you be interested in taking my case and what are your tariffs? Since there is still at least a minute chance my ex and I could come to agreement, could you then help providing me with proper legal form of such agreement?

In case we agree on terms of your legal services and you become my legal representative I already prepared very detailed account and summary of the whole circumstances leading to this situation and I summarized every relevant point that could be used in the judicial proceedings.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
Good evening Miss Duvall

we just spoke by phone,

I was contacting you to find out rules
and policy to divorce if an Italian marry a Russian, I may will need your help:
· If in a future I have a fight with my Russian wife (we got married in Italy), and she starts a procedure in Italy to divorce with me, asking for a bonus to conclude the marriage, or an amount of money to receive every month because she has no job in Italy (unfortunately for the husband in Italy the wife has always more rights), can I manage in the same time a divorce trough a Russian legal service like yours, and obtain it without have to pay any bonus or monthly fee to my wife, even if she wouldn't agree for that?
· How long it would take?
· How much it would cost the legal service?
· Which documents you would need?
· How you would manage that, if she doesn't agree to divorce without getting anything, does she have to sign something? Would that divorce would be accepted and recognized in Italy?
· If there is a son, things can be managed in the same way! And would I be in title to have the custody of my son?
· When I marry a Russian women in Italy, how can I obtain a resident and working paper for Russia, and come in and out without request a visa?

I understand your are child custody attorney. I want you to handle the case like Russian divorce attorney. Can you represent me in Russian court?

Thanks very much for your support.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
Hi Karina
I have been in a relationship with a lady from Russia for around 2.5
years. She is divorced and has a 10 year old daughter from her previous marriage. We have planned to be married soon and have asked her ex husband for consent for their daughter to immigrate to Australia with her mother.
The ex husband has had no or very minimal contact with his daughter since her birth and has made no financial contribution to her upbringing. He has now decided to pursue custody of their daughter after us informing him of our decision to marry and my friend and her daughter’s decision to immigrate to Australia.
How does Russian Family Law deal with this situation and what are the rights of both parents. Can you help?
Are you able to represent my lady friend (us) in this matter and what are the associated costs?

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
I am American national living in Belgium for many years. I have been married to a Russian lady in 2015, we got married in New York and then returned and registered our marriage in Belgium where we live ever since. Before marriage we have done prenuptial agreement in Belgium, in front of notary, to select "separation of properties" as our regime. We have a female child born in August 2017.

When the child was born my wife asked me to come with her to Russian consulate in Brussels, where I have signed documents that it was explained to me was about giving our daughter Russian nationality and to write the girl on the mother's passport. I did not disagree and I signed. Our girl has also Belgian identity card from her birth, she is Belgian citizen.

My wife remained registered in St. Petersburg while also registered in Belgium (and of course has residence permit). I found out recently that she also registered our child in her apartment in Russia (according to her, in order to get family benefits and medical insurance ...). We obviously get family benefits and medical coverage in Belgium where we effectively reside.

My wife is not adapting to Belgium and (from time to time) wants to divorce. She wanted to start divorce in Russia, with which of course I disagree, Russian jurisdiction is MUCH more favorable to women than Belgian when it comes to parental rights and custody of the minor child. I refuse to let my child live in Russia far away from me.

I have been told that if she obtains divorce in Russia, I can oppose it in Belgium, because it is the last common residence of the married couple that counts for attributing divorce jurisdiction. Can you confirm about jurisdiction ?

What if she takes away our girl to Russia and does not return her?
If she does so, will I be successful to have the girl returned from Russia to Belgium for Court proceedings in Belgium under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction ? She will claim that residence (of her and the child) is Russia, which is false and I can prove it ... She only goes there for occasional vacation.

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
I am a foreigner living in Moscow married almost 14 year to a Russian lady with two children aged 13 and 11. My wife has filed for divorce and informs me the process takes 1 month ( I read 3 to 4) and is pushing me to sign the agreement, which until I am clear on everything I am not willing to do. I have read your website and have a good understanding of my situation but would like to be sure on all points.
Please could you advise me of your charges relating to consultation and handling of divorce cases in Russia. Do you have an office here in Moscow?
My concerns / questions are regarding division of assets, child visitation rights / maintenance and also effects on me renewing registration of Vid na Zhitelstva after divorce has been finalized. We have two property in Moscow in joint names which I have purchased with documents to prove revenue brought into country after sale of property in UK which I purchased before we met. I am happy to split assets 50 / 50 which will leave more than enough to purchase a new apartment for her and the children but unfortunately she has other ideas and would like to keep the most valuable property and leave me with the other.

Questions: 469
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