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There are a few questions while I await results.

Is there anyway to know where my son is located, Russia is a large country, this woman is capable of anything and could relocate in a hard to get to place, especially in winter, just to make things even more difficult for me.

What happens to the inheritance that my son was once entitled to if I have no custody.

If there is no custody rights is there any child support that needs to be paid.


She is not a crime person. She has to live, work, teach in school your son. This is not easy to disappear. Your son attends school, medical office, they have registration. The United States and Australia have big territory as well, but it is not means you can disappear, especially, from court system. If she decides to avoid participation in court case, she will lose the case. Very simple. If she will try disappear after court order, and you will enable to enforce order, you will file modification petition and get custody. I believe she fully understand consequences, and she is not stupid to make her life miserable.

Yes, your son has the rights for inheritance. You can make last will to exclude him from your heirs. He will have mandatory share in the inheritance regardless of the content of the last will by 18 y.o. He will receive none after this point, if you decide to.

Yes, your son has rights for child support.

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