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Immigration Law (USA)
I Had Renewed My Green Card In 2007 For 10 More Years, My Question Is I Have Been Charged In Ulster County New York On January 2005 Of Reckless Endangerment In The First Degree A Class D Felony With no Jail Time at all Only Probation for 6 months, For just Driving with my Car a little bit Reckless By Passing two times a double Yellow Line No Accident was involved at all nobody got hurt at all or any other thing happened, First the trooper give me Tickets for Reckless Driving, Passing a double Yellow Line, And for Speeding, Then after two weeks the court decided to Charged me with this Ridicules Of Reckless Endangerment In The First Degree, This was just a Ridicules Aggressive Power for Noting, And A Us Immigration Judge On February 2007 Granted Me The Green Card For 10 More Years Even With This Felony, Can I Now Apply For Us Citizenship With This D Felony Since The Conviction Is More Then 3 Years And I Have Never Been In Trouble With The Law Before And After This Conviction, Can I Apply For Us Citizenship To Get A Passport, Or if there is any Possibility to ask the Prosecutor to Reduce the Charge for a Misdemeanor. Thank You.

Immigration Law (USA)
How can I get a court order to legally change the name of my 6yr old child?
I wish to combine his first and middle names, as this is what everyone calls him. We did the paperwork, but it was rejected and we we're told we needed a court order.

Immigration Law (USA)
Hello I have a situation I am a K 2 visa overstay my mother never married, its been five years and I am now engaged to a USC to be married - will I have problems adjusting or do I have to file a special waiver?

Family law : divorce and division of property. (USA)

Family Law: adoption, guardianship (USA)

The rights of foreign nationals (USA)
I am a shareholder of a closely held company. The officers cut me off from the business and took all my money. Do I have any recourse against them?

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (USA)

Veronica Panova
Family law : divorce and division of property. (USA)

1. I married my wife in 1999 in the USA and we have been resident in
USA since 1999.

2. We are now going through separation and divorce proceedings under US law.

3. In 2003 we bought an apartment in St. Petersburg. 50% of the money (around US$120’000) came from the sale of an apartment owned jointly by my wife and her mother the other 50% came from me.

4. I know the address of the apartment but I have no documents belonging to the apartment – they were all taken by my wife. But since then I have obtained a professional valuation of the apartment and a certificate from the official registry that shows the apartment is registered 50:50 in the name of my wife and her mother. My wife does not know that I have these documents (the Russian title of the document showing ownership is “Управление Федеральной Регистрационной Службы по Санкт-Петербургу и Ленинградской Области / Выписка из Единого Государственного Прав на Недвижимое Имущество и Сделок с Ним”

5. There is a second property which is a room in a Kommunalka in St. Petersburg. My wife has also taken all the documents to this property and unfortunately I do not know the address.

6. It is possible that my wife has bought a third property in St. Petersburg – I have no proof, this is only a suspicion because I recently discovered she has probably transferred around US$120’000 to Russia in 2007

7. Under US law any property is divided between the spouses on divorce. Any property owned before the marriage is kept by the respective spouse and is not divided.


1. Would the decision of a US court be of any relevance to a Russian court?

2. The divorce is taking place in US so what kind of case could be opened in Russia?

3. Must I be present?

4. What papers from me are required?

5. How can I stop my wife disposing of the properties (selling, changing the ownership, withholding documents etc.)?

6. How to get my wife to give me the details of the second property (the room in a kommunalka)?

7. When would be the appropriate time to start an action?

8. How long would the action take?

9. What would be the approximate costs (court costs plus lawyer’s fees)?

10. The mother of my wife lives in the apartment and the uncle of my wife lives in the kommunalka – does this have any effect?

Questions: 93
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