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Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Dear Karina,
I am in a terrible mess and need help. I was married in Saint Petersburg
almost 12 years ago. I am an American citizen and my wife and two children are dual citizens. I wanted to move my children to Russia because I don’t like the culture here in America. Please help me with divorce and visitations.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
There are more questions which need clarification or comment. I am Canadian citizen. My former wife has dual citizenship - US and Russian citizenship. My former wife and our daughter moved to Russia to avoid US custody order which I have. My questions are:

What happens to my daughters US citizenship, can her mother take this away from her. Also can I get a court order to renew the US passport. As far as the US authorities are concerned, I don't need the mothers permission anymore, she has no legal authority in United States matters regarding my daughter?

Also with Canadian citizenship, the US custody orders are being filed in Canada to give me the same legal rights regarding my daughter in Canada as in the United States. Can I apply for her Canadian citizenship in the Moscow Canadian embassy without the mother as it is not needed or can Russia block both the renewal of her US passport and application for Canadian citizenship?

Is it possible for the mother to remove me from the birth certificate. Is it possible for the mother to change the surname of my daughter from my last name to her without my permission?

Is it correct to assume that my daughter will never be allowed to travel outside Russia until she is 18 years of age. If this is the case, how does she do things such as go with a school sporting team to compete in Poland etc. before the age of 18?

How is child support calculated for a foreign father?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Hi Karina I'm interests in your service but is it possible to have a short phone conversation if is possible because I have one question that I don't know how to ask thank you

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I am married to a lady from St. Petersburg, Russia here in Turkey. I was married some 10 years ago. She is wants a divorce here and claiming considerable amount of property and cash from me. I know she has an apartment in St. Petersburg which has been let out for 10 years. As she arrived in Turkey with basically the clothes she stood up in and no money I believe the divorce is only for money.

Can I divorce her in St. Petersburg and claim property a 10 years of rental income. Can it be done with a power of attorney as I am not fit enough to travel to Russia. Her father died around one year ago so there may be another property involved. I remember she secretly had an apostile signed here so this may be relevant.

Thank you in anticipation of any help.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
Dear Karina,

I hope all is well.

Sorry I've not been in touch about the divorce lately.
Things got totally out of hand here, with parallel legal actions in London.

To cut a long story short, my wife removed our child from London back to Russia. She then came back to United Kingdom by herself. It's possible that she has left UK again now. I have no idea if or when I will see the child again and I am frantic with worry.

The England court ordered that she return the child here within 5 days. She has ignored the order.

Could I please ask you hourly rate and to see if you could get involved in this for legal advice to see if the order is enforceable in Russia? It would entail liaising with my lawyer here.

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
I am a US citizen who lives in New York. I am seeking a divorce from my ex who is not a US citizen and does not have any duel citizenship. He has Russian citizenship and continues to live in Moscow, Russia. I am looking for a divorce attorney in my area to have this divorce done 100% properly the first time. I have absolutely NO interest in returning to Russia for this divorce for many reasons, the primary reason being that I do not wish to have any encounter with my ex. Do you have any recommendations of lawyers who would help me through the divorce process? I am afraid to start the process with someone and have it done incorrectly - the goal is to have no connection with my ex, I do not want anything from him except for a divorce.

I appreciate any help- thank you!

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I have divorce order from Russian court, and I need to have divorce certificate. My attorney said, even if the ZAGS is willing to talk with her, it asks to for the passport of the divorced person to get it stamped. Without passport, the ZAGS does not issue the divorce certificate. The opportunity to send the passport to Russia does not sound enticing, right? Karina, according of your experience, is it possible to obtain divorce certificate for me? Can you help me?

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
It was nice speaking with you Karina. I understand you speak Russian and are familiar with Russian Family Law. I am will to pay for your legal advice concerning a Russian Family Law matter. We are represented by an attorney in Russia, who is willing to proceed with the case, but we wanted to seek a second opinion before proceeding.

My wife and her son emigrated to the United States from Russia and obtained their green cards, after we were married about a year ago. We recently discovered that the Russian father to her son (whom I understand apparently still has 50% paternal rights?) sued my wife in court and won a decision regarding an apartment dispute stemming from their marriage together (now divorced). The judgment was for approximately $XXX US for back-payments for this apartment she had signed on. The Russian father has never paid child support payments and it was my wife’s idea to take him to court to counter-sue, this time for child support. We have gathered the supporting documents for this was suit and they are in transit at this time to Russia.


Am I correct that the Russian father could have the ability (in my understanding) to disrupt travel to and from Russia for my wife and child, in retaliation to the counter-suit (indicating he does not allow her travel out of Russia)?

What are the potential repercussions of taking these counter-suit measures? I know that in America, the father can (at least if complying with child support) is subject to rights regarding visitation. Does this apply to Russian law as well? In other words, would there be demands regarding visitation rights (or even that she would be required to live with him part of the time)?

We just don’t want to get into a situation where we would be required to significantly alter our lifestyle as a family, as a potential repercussion.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
Dear Karina,

I have a difficult Russian law problem.

I am a US citizen and had a
relationship with a Russian man, the result of which was a daughter. The man did not tell me he was married and when I found out I ended the relationship.

The man is a well known businessman in Moscow. He has two older sons from his marriage.

The man and I had a verbal agreement (and I have done emails too) that he would pay child maintenance to me for my daughter, would pay for her to attend private school and pay for her university education - i.e. she was to be in the same position as his sons and enjoy the same lifestyle. He has paid nothing. After my daughter was enrolled in the school it was left to me to find the money to pay.

Three years ago I commenced legal proceedings against him.

His son angrily told me that, two years ago, this man signed over the successful business to him and his brother (obviously to hide his assets/earnings etc).

My question are:

1) Why are the courts taking so long to settle this matter when they have all of the information required (to date three years)and this man is quite well known?

2) If court proceedings were started three years ago, but he only transferred the business to his sons two years ago, will the courts still consider the business in its calculations and understand he has transferred the business to avoid paying?

3) Can my daughter make a claim to a third of the business or else ask for monetary compensation for her third?

4) Can the court impose sanctions on this man, restricting his passport for example, for hiding assets and non payment etc?

Any help would be so much appreciated.
Thank you and kind regards.

Questions: 405
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