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Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I am an Irish man, I got married to a Russian girl 3 years ago , but its not working. Can I get a Divorce in Russia and do I have to be there? we wed' in Mari-El....

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
Thank you for answering my questions. You fully answered them. I have one more quick one.
the assumption that my wife and I file for divorce in Russia:
My wife and I are 50% owners of a house in the United States. Current Value of $162,000.00 and Debt of 118,000.00. I would of course like it to then be 100% my house after the divorce and have to pay nothing or the minimum amount possible to my ex wife.
How would this property be handled in the Russian divorce legal system?
My wife also 50% owns a apartment in Moscow that she is living in. 50% hers, 50% her mothers. Worth maybe $55,000.00.

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
Can you please just clarify two things:
1. that it is definitely the case that even if
my client's husband applies for permanent residency in Russia, he cannot issue a petition for divorce against my client because she is living in England and her property is here?
2. Even if the husband is somehow able to petition for divorce in Russia, do the Russian courts have jurisdiction to deal with the division of any foreign property based abroad (i.e. in England)?
Thank you so much for your assistance.

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
I am Hungarian, my husband is Russian and we have been living in Switzerland for the last 11 years. We married some years ago in Hungaria. After our marriage, my husband had relations with a Russian woman on one of his business trips. The thing claimed that her bastard (born autumn 2000 somewhere in Russia) is from my husband. My question is can she sue him for fatherhood recognition or/and child support (alimony) and which law and court will apply then. In Switzerland is actually so, that the mother can sue a man for vaterhood recognition only within 1 year after the birth. Then, the bastard can sue him also within 1 year after his full age (18 I think). I do not know what says the Russian law about this matter. I will appreciate your advice very much. I do not want that my family (inclusive my husband) pay anything or hear anything about this story some time later. Or worst that my child (born 99) will be confronted some time later with all this. How can I prevent this?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I married a Russian woman in Moscow two years ago.
I canceled the visa because we did
not get along.
She was supposed to file for divorce but did not. She still lives in Russia. I cannot find a service that will help me get a Russian divorce.
Can you send me a link or more information?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I am interested in meeting with your colleague for a consultation. But I am not at the stage yet of filing documents. I am researching whether it is more advantageous for me and for my children to be divorced in Russia or in Canada. I have to answer questions such as, is a Russian divorce recognized by the Canadian courts? What are the grounds for divorce in Russia? Does it require mutual consent or can one party obtain a divorce even if the other doesn't want it? What are the rules on custody of children in Russia, on division of property if the property is mostly in Canada not Russia, on support payments, on legal costs etc..

I need a consultation with a lawyer in Moscow who speaks English and knows Russian law who can answer these questions. Then I will decide if I am going to proceed. If I do decide to proceed in Russia then I have to hire a lawyer. I'd been happy to meet with your collegue for an initial consultation. He should tell me the cost if any.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I married a Russian woman, September 17, 2001.
We were married at the Wedding Palace in Saint
Petersburg, Russia.
With your help is it possible to get a divorce from this woman without me going to Russia.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Dear Lawyer, My husband is from India, who is working in Kuwait. I want to get a permanent residence or citizenship inorder to settle down in Russia. when ever I ask so many time taking obstacles laid by the oveer or MFA. I would appriciate your great expertise in this regard. Thanking you for a speedy answer.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
I am American citizen. I was married in Russia and my wife is Russian citizen. I want to do divorce after much consideration. My question is whether I can do divorce in Russia? What documents do I need to start the divorce proceedings?

Family Law: adoption, guardianship (Russia)
I am English and my wife of 2 years is Russian. We have a 14 year old daughter who also is Russian. I am not her father just stepfather. I would like to adopt her. She has not seen her father for 13 years although my wife met with him and got his permission to bring her daughter out of Russia. I have been informed that we need to get the court in Russia to agree to the adoption. What is involved? How long would it take? If we cannot find the father again is it still possible? Does my wife, her daughter or myself need to be in Russia for this?

Questions: 470
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