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Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
My minor child (5 years) and I have a one-room apartment. The apartment is registered on my son and myself. At the date of purchase of the apartment I was married. What is my husband entitled to in case of divorce?

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
Money received from sale of a three-room apartment owned by my mother were used for purchase of two one-room apartments one of which was registered in my name (i.e. I am the owner), I am married and my husband gave his consent to the purchase of the flat though he didn’t contribute any money (indeed it was an exchange formed as a sale). Question: Does he have a right to receive a part of my apartment in case of divorce?

Questions of registration and citizenship (Russia)
A wife, a husband (married) and a minor child are registered at the same address in the Russian Federation. The wife applies for de-registration for the purpose of moving abroad. The Federal Migration Service issued the following refusal: the Federal Migration Service requires you to include your minor daughter in the application for de-registration. Questions: 1. Can the Federal Migration Service refuse to de-register on the basis of co-registration with a minor child? On the basis of which law? Is second parent’s consent required? In case the consent is required, what kind of consent shall it be?

Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Russia)
My husband was previously married and has a minor child. 5 years ago he got divorced. He effected alimony payments. 3 years ago his parental rights were terminated as his ex-wife had an intention to live abroad together with the child. An alimony execution order was withdrawn by her. She’s been living in Austria for two years; she is married to an Austrian and obtained Austrian citizenship. To all appearances the child was adopted. But recently my husband received a notice that he shall effect alimony payments from October 2006. As it turned out, prior to withdrawal of the alimony execution order his ex-wife issued a notarized power of attorney to her mother empowering the latter to require alimony payments, and her mother did so (it was done a week prior to expiry of the power of attorney). I would like to know whether a minor child (a citizen of the Russian Federation) can live in the territory of Austria during 2 years without being adopted? And in case the child was adopted, shall my husband effect alimony payments?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Hello, my brother is divorced; court judgment came into force on 1.06.2006. In July 2006 his ex-wife gave birth to a child. As she doesn’t have a divorce stamp in her passport the child was registered as my brother’s child. We applied to a Civil Records Office to change information about child’s father but were refused and advised to seize the court. My brother has got a divorce stamp in his passport and a divorce certificate (issued by the same Civil Records Office) it means that the officers made a record without verification of information actuality in violation of regulations as my brother should have submitted an application in order to be recognized a the child’s father which he didn’t do. In addition, I think that these acts fall under Art. 69, 70 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “About Certificates of Civil Statutes”. According to the mentioned articles a document issued by a Civil Records Office and certifying that data given in a civil statutes document is incorrect or incomplete is a sufficient ground for correction or amendment of such document. Why do the officers advise us to go to the court when it is their fault as they registered a divorced man as child’s father which is not correct?

Family law : divorce and division of property. (Russia)
My son and I live in a one-room apartment privatized in my name. I am divorced and only my 15 years old son and I are registered in the apartment. I want to sell the apartment and buy a two-room apartment but I was told that in this case I would need a written permit for change of housing conditions signed by my son’s father. He refuses to sign such permit (doesn’t want me to live better than he does). Question: Do I really need such permit? In case I do, how can I buy a two-room apartment without my ex-husband’s permit?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
My boyfriend (Russian) and I (US citizen) wish to get married, but he did not seek a divorce years ago when he and his wife broke up. How can we obtain a divorce for him when he hasn't spoken to her in years AND without going to Russia? Thanks.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Can you help me get a divorce from and American citizen while I am living in Russia. I am here on contract work for two years and would like to proceed with a divorce from my spouse in America. Do I need to return to the USA or can you handle this problem for me.
Thank you.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Thank you for your e-mail. It is reassuring that there is an expert in St Petersburg who can handle my possible divorce and your fees are reasonable. The divorce proceedings could probably only start in September, when my husband is due to visit the UK and I can inform him face to face.
Before I start the process though, I am also interested to know whether a divorce would still protect any claim my son would have on his father's estate, or whether I would have any claim during the divorce proceedings on behalf of my son.
My son was born in the UK (and is a British citizen), but also has a valid Russian (external) passport and Russian citizenship, and is registered at the address of my husband's flat in St Petersburg (which my husband owns and where he is also registered).
I have the marriage certificate and my son's birth certificate already officially translated and apostiled, but would be grateful if you could send me a sample of the apostiled Power of Attorney document you would need from me to start the process.

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
My husband has double citizenship, I have Russian citizenship and permanent residence based on marriage. He is going to divorce me in America and probably ask for full child custody. Can I object it in Russian court after divorce in America is final? If child is resided in Russia how can I protect him from kidnapping? Thank you.

Questions: 470
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