Legal defense in court in civil cases including: divorces, child support, the alimony obligations, adoptions, inheritance proceedings. Legalization of foreign divorces, search of divorce records in Russia, ex-USSR, United States. Registration, legalization of documents, apostilles. Restoration of certificates of marriage and divorce, of birth and death in Russia, the former USSR, USA, Europe, Australia, and other countries.

Legalization, authentication and restoration of documents. Apostilles.

Authentication and restoration of documents

Whenever you live: in America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia or Russia - we will help you and make sure you get your documents as soon as possible.

We provide the following services:

  1. Service of process overboard
    Service of Process overboard can enjoin upon you to get the authorization from court. Before sending of email to me, I recommend that you should consult an attorney in your state.
  2. Renewal of documents from a register office:
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Death certificate
    3. Certificate of marriage
    4. Divorce Certificate
    5. Change of name Certificate
  3. Renewal of records of civil action on the basis of the conclusion of the court which came into effect;
  4. Representation in the courts of Russia and ex-USSR on the matters of a registry office and divorces; establishment of the facts which have legal effect;
  5. Acquisition of the copies of conclusions, regulations and determinations of the court in the court archives;
  6. References about family position (for marriage registration);
  7. Acquisitions of entries from personal file, copies of academic transcripts from institutes of higher education, including for provision to institutes of higher education abroad;
  8. Making a record from the place of registration as a resident of a Russian citizen without his/her participation;
  9. Acquisition of any archival documents and references;
  10. Legalization of documents by putting an apostil (in any country participant of the Hague Convention from October 5 1961);
  11. Legalization of the documents by the consulate;
  12. Depending on the country of your residence, we will be able to represent you in the embassies and consulates of Russian Federation;
  13. We will represent your interests in embassies and consulates of foreign countries on the territory of Russian Federation;
  14. We will perform notarized translation of any document into any language.

Ordering renewal of your documents and putting an apostille you can do without leaving your home. We will renew your documents in any registry office on the territory Russia, any foreign country, including any state of the USA. You will get your document in person. We send it with a registered mail.


Apostille is a stamp which is put on documents or a special certificate made out in the form of appendix to official documents. The document certificated by apostille does not require additional legalization and is admitted on the state level of participant countries of the Hague Convention of 1961. Now the number of participants and those who joined the Hague convention is more than 90 countries.

In foreign country a citizen may require various documents certificated by apostille. For example:

  • for a purpose of marriage with a foreign citizen, the acknowledgement of absence of registered marriage in Russia may be needed;
  • for study or work it may be necessary to receive transcripts or references to confirm education and experience;
  • for inheritance or other estate purposes it may be required to prove the fact of family relations with testator.

For visa purposes embassies and consulates of some countries request to have apostille on notary certificated consent of parents to travel abroad of their minor children.

Apostille stamp is also made on documents related to real estate, such as: certificates of state registration of property rights, state registry excerpts, references, notary certificated purchase and sale contract of estate, power of attorney for fulfillment of deal (if one is going to present such documents abroad).

Apostille can be put down on charters and constituent documents, on patent and other documentation from public authority or officials (like certificate of registration, licenses etc).

Apostille cannot be made on:

  • documents of diplomatic or consular establishments;
  • documents with direct relation to customs or other commercial operations, which can be powers of attorney for fulfillment of trade transactions, moving goods across a border, contracts or agreements of delivery of goods, rendering of services, implementation of various works, checks.


The word "apostille" came from French "Apostille" which in turn possibly occurred from old-French Apostiller (to do marginal notes).

We carry out legalization of documents (apostille stamp) required for migration purposes, inheritance registration, new marriage matters. We constitute and legalize power of attorney papers, academic transcripts and other documents.

All the paperwork is done in minimal short time frame on territory of any country. In case of lack of necessary documents we can restore the lost certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, legal name change documents and others.

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