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Dear Ms. Karina Duvall,

I am an American citizen who married a Russian woman in Italy in January 2016. We live in the US and my wife has her green card. I would like to get a divorce in Russia. My wife is currently on vacation in St Petersburg and I am in Italy. We have no children; own a home in New York since May 2018, and a car. My wife has not worked during our marriage and has not contributed financially. I am 70 and she is 55... Our sole source of income is my social security. She owns an apartment in St. Petersburg with no mortgage. The apartment in New York has a $230,000 mortgage with 0 equity, car is paid for. I prefer an administrative divorce because it's faster and cheaper. Can you represent me and handle my case? Do you offer flat fee services?


I will be glad to represent you and handle your case. Yes, I can offer to you flat fee.

Please provide me copy of your passport, copy of passport of your wife (if available), copy of marriage certificate, your US address, and address of your wife in Russia. I also need an original of Italian marriage certificate with apostille and original of New York power of attorney with apostille (I will prepare the power of attorney for you and I will assist you to get notarization and legalization in New York).

I am looking forward to work with you.

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Karina Duvall
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