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Adoption from Russia

I don't know the details of what went on in that house BUT from what limited information is available, I think that the fault lies with the Russian adoption officials. They need to do a far better job of psychologically evaluating the people they place these children with. I think that what happened to this boy is heartbreaking and that this "parent" is mentally unstable. She took a seven year old child, brought him to a strange country, changed his NAME, and immersed him in learning a foreign language in a home school environment. Did she expect a 7 year old to say "thank you" to her? What seven year old wouldn't act out under a far less stressful set of facts? He is not a dog - how can you change his name? How can you completely alienate him from everything familiar to him? How was he supposed to communicate, to express himself? Isn't it normal for kids to act out when they feel they have no control or when they are frustrated? I think maybe this kid was crying out for help. I have yet to read anything he did that was so outrageous. Saying he will burn the house down? So what - maybe he saw that in a movie. Did he actually try to light the house on fire? I just read an article that said the adoption agency followed up with her a few months ago, and she had no complaints.

Maybe the child does have psychological or emotional problems, I don't know. But what I think is certain is that if he didn't have them before being placed with this person, he will surely have them after the ordeal she put him through. I don't want to judge but I can't help finding her actions unconscionable. Did she even try to get help from psychologists, etc. before shipping this kid back to Russia as if he were a broken appliance she could just return?

I read that in the past couple of years, there have been several US adoptive parents that have killed the kids they adopted from Russia. Are the Russians doing ANY psychological evaluations before placing these kids? Heartbreaking any way you look at it.

Ella Royzman
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