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How to collect judgment in America

Parties residing abroad have the same rights to collecting judgments in the United States as citizens of this country.

There are two ways to collect a judgment in the United States:

First, the creditor should determine which state has jurisdiction over the debtor.

The creditor should contact a lawyer in that jurisdiction.

Thus, if the judgment is in New York, the creditor should contact NY attorney.

If the judgment is in California, he should contact Californian attorney.

The judgments can be divided into several categories

1. Child support

2. Other matrimonial – arising out of marriage

3. Personal injury (if you were injured in NY)

4. Contract

Say, your judgment is based on a contract. Say, the company you are suing is in New York. Now, you have contacted an attorney in New York.

You should make sure you give him all information, all documents.

Remember that you may have a claim even if you do not have a written contract. An oral contract is enough if you have documents to prove that someone in New York owes you money.

Also remember that there are sroki davnosti, kotori mogut istech. Ne medlite. Ne davaite proiti mnogo vremeni.

If your judgment is based on child support, you should start an action right away. Every day you are losing your child support. If you have a child in Russia, from someone who lives in America, immediately contact a lawyer. Most likely you will get a judgment and collect on it too. It is easier to collect child support judgment than to collect a commercial judgment.

What about personal injury judgments? Did you get injured in the United States? If you did, someone might be responsible. United States is a country of laws. If someone is responsible, there might be a way for your to get compensation for your injury.

You should not be worried about getting a visa to US to collect your judgment. An attorney can represent you long distance. There is internet, phone, Skype, etc.

If necessary you may be able to get a visa and come to the United States to testify in court. This is common in matrimonial actions.

Good luck! Collect your judgments!

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