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Parental rights

MY goal in the remaining time I have left on earth is to be an integral part of my daughter's life and be active and supportive in her school life, and be there in her formative years while she is growing up and forming her opinions and impressions about the world. She is 10 years old now and I have been in her life and close to her since she was born-almost every day on a daily basis we have communicated about everything from A to Z.

Personally I may have nine years left because of the heart problems that exist on both sides of my family -all the males my father-grandfathers and great grandfathers have all died before the age of 69 years old.--so now I am 60 years old.

So while I am in relatively good health, it is very important to me to be able to show her things in as much of the world as possible - and see as many countries as we have time for and also expose her to different cultures and ideas to help her form her own opinions, and ideas about life.

It is vitally important to be part of my daughters upbringing and leave behind as much as I can for her in good memories, and provide as many financial opportunities as possible - Eg the property left for her in New York by her grandmother and also savings for her to use to attend university in USA or Europe.

Travelling gives any young person the ability to expand their horizons and broadens their experience in life - it gives me the opportunity to listen to her and understand what she thinks about, how she feels about different issues in life and what she is passionate about. Her likes and dislikes- her fears and expectations and what she wants to become when she grows up.

I therefore ask the court to allow me to take her abroad - especially to USA to spend time with her ailing grandmother - who is 90 years old in her remaining time she has left. She waits and looks forward to our visits every years and has even agreed to pay money for brackets and has left her property to granddaughter after she passes - we can submit her grandmothers -notarized ' Living Will; which states granddaughter is set to inherit the New York property.

I also want permission to take my daughter abroad 1/2 the time on her school vacations to eg show her places like the Fjords in Norway, on Ocean Cruises -along the Norwegian coast like on the Hertigruetin Line and other popular vacation spots like Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand , Vietnam, and Australia. My family has the financial resources to allow my daughter to travel to these places and her mother does not have these same financial resources - so while I still have my health - I'd like my daughter to have opportunities while she is young and can benefit from this travel (my parents did the same thing for me when I was very young and I benefited a great deal).

I would therefore like my visitation expanded to include at least 1 or even 2 weekends with her every month.

I realize she needs her mom to grow up well and learn about the world too--I certainly do not like the way I am excluded from my daughter’s life.

I ask the court to remedy this by preserving my parental rights and allow me full access to my daughter for both visitation and travel abroad opportunities and at least 2 weekends per month and 1/2 time on all school holiday's.

I also want to open up the idea that if my daughter ever wishes to live with me full time--that I maintain a 65 m flat directly across the street from her school and have lived here 3 years and have a bed, dresser and school desk, mac apple computer, and a full kitchen, living room and all alliances necessary to support her living here with me when she becomes a little older and is less dependent on her mother.

Client's closing statement
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