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Divorce and Child Support


In the name of the Russian Federation

April XX, 20XX

Justice of the Peace of judicial district No XXX of Shakhovsky judicial region of the Moscow Oblast XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, secretary: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on dissolution of marriage and recovery of child support,

H a s f o u n d:

XXXXXXXXXX submitted a claim to the court against XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on dissolution of marriage and recovery of child support.

The plaintiff did not appear before the court. Representative of the plaintiff solicited in writing for consideration of the case in the absence of XXXXXXXXXXXX, affirmed the claim, insisted on dissolution of marriage and recovery of child support.

The respondent was duly informed about the date and time of hearing of the case and did not appear before the court. The request for summons was returned with a mark “storage period has expired”. In accordance with Article 119 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, if place of residence of the respondent is unknown, the court shall start hearing the case after it has received information about it from the last known place of residence of the respondent.

After having studied the case materials the court finds it possible to satisfy the stated claims in full volume.

The court has established that XXXXXXXXXX married XXXXXXXXXXXX on June XX, 19XX. In accordance with the Name change certificate of May XX, 20XX, XXXXXXXXXXX changed its surname, name and patronymic to YYYYYYYYYYYY. Of this marriage they have a daughter XXXXXXXXXXX, who was born on 20XX. Based on the statement of claim, cohabitation of this married couple did not work out due to loss of love and mutual respect. Marital relations were terminated in February 20XX. They do not have mutual household. There is no dispute on division of joint estate. No petition about provision of period for conciliation has been filed. The plaintiff insists on dissolution of marriage. In such circumstances the court has all grounds to satisfy the claim.

The plaintiff has submitted a claim on recovery of alimony from the respondent for child support of the infant child.

In accordance with Article 80 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, parents are obliged to support their infant children, and if parents do not provide support for their infant children, funds for support of infant children (child support) shall be collected in the course of a legal process. According to provisions of Article 81, part 1 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, if there is no agreement on payment of child support, child support of infant children shall be charged by the court from their parents on monthly basis in the amount of one fourth of salary and (or) other income of parents per one child.

Because of the fact that the plaintiff mentioned that the child actually lives with her and depends on her, and the respondent did not submit any objections to the court, claims of XXXXXXXXXXX on recovery of child support are considered lawful, justified and may be satisfied by the court.

In accordance with Articles 21, 80, 81 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, Articles 194, 199 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, Justice of the Peace


To dissolve marriage between parties in accordance with the Name change certificate) and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX registered on June XX, 19XX in the Civil Registry Office department of XXXXXXXXXXXX of the Republic of Uzbekistan, record No XXX.

To recover alimony from XXXXXXXXXXXXX, born on September XX, 19XX in XXXXXXXXXX, in favor of XXXXXXXXXXXXX for support of their daughter, XXXXXXXXXX, born on 20XX, in the amount of 1/4 of all types of monthly income starting from April XX, 20XX and until her full legal age.

To collect state duty from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the amount of 100 (one hundred) rubles to relevant budget in accordance with standard deductions established by budget legislation of the Russian Federation.

This judgement may be disputed in the court of appeal in Shakhovsky regional court of the Moscow Oblast within 10 days from the date of its delivery.

The judgement came into legal force on XXXXXXXX.

Justice of the Peace: signature

Secretary: signature

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