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Protecting children's rights

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My daughter is not yet two years old. She was born in Canada and in her Birth Certificate recorded name of her father – citizen of Canada. I am citizen of Russia Federation. I would like to get Russian citizenship for my daughter but I am not able to do it without consent of her father. I never was married with her father and we never resided together. We knew each other for few weeks before I got pregnant. After I gave birth atmosphere in our house became increasingly difficult and hostile. I would like to move to Russia with my daughter, but no hope to get authorization from Canadian Court to move. Father of my daughter does not allowing me to move to Russia with the child. What can I do?

Hi, my wife and I were married in United States, and then lived in Japan. I moved from United States, and my wife had lived in Japan for the previous 10 years. My wife abducted our baby to her abusive mother’s home in south Russia. Do I need to go to Russia? File and register our marriage in Russia? And start divorce court on Russia? No help from police lawyer or embassy so far, just alone in Japan getting kicked of apartment in wife's name and not sure to stay in Japan or hoot Russia.

I am a UK citizen and have been divorced from a Russian/UK dual national since August 2007. We have been separated since June 2006. We have two young children from the marriage. They are UK passport holders and also appear on their mother’s Russian passport. The mother contravened the Hague Convention by moving to Russia to live in September 2006, without my written permission. Please advise what I can do? Thank you for your time.

I'm currently waiting for the court case between my ex-wife and I for which you will be representing me in May. She's Russian and I’m British Cypriot. She's abducted our three years old daughter and now living in St. Petersburg. I've applied to the central authority in Cyprus for the return of my daughter under the Hague convention for parental child abduction. Both Cyprus and Russian Federation are signatories to this agreement, but are the chances of getting the court in Russia to return the child any good at all?

We were all living together at my house in the US at end of year 2012. The last time I saw my son was on 13 January, 2013. On or about that date, my ex-wife and her mother took son to Russia and never returned. When I found her, and called her, she refused to come back to the US. I am not sure of the exact info you have on my ex-wife. I have attached to this email information on address, phone numbers, and email and some additional info that might be helpful in contacting/locating my son. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you again for your assistance in this very important matter. Please confirm receipt of this email and attachment.

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