Karina Duvall
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Karina Duvall
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Overview and Qualifications Summary:


1997 - Master degree in Jurisprudence: Saint Petersburg State University

1995 - Bachelor degree in Jurisprudence: National University ďYaroslav the Wise Law Academy of UkraineĒ

Legal Experience:

Russian Legal Expert and Consultant
New York, NY
2004 to present

Practice as a Legal Expert in deferent fields of Russian Law. Ms. Duvallís expert opinions have been used in many courts of law of various jurisdictions including, but not limited to the States of New York, Michigan, California, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, Ohio as well as in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Her responsibilities include:

Russian-Divorce, Law Firm
Principal of Law Firm
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
2008 to present

A law practice specializing in Matrimonial and Family Law of the Russian Federation as well as related types of law. Ms. Duvallís assignments comprise of:

Russian Attorney at Law
Member of the Saint Petersburg Bar Association
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1998 to present

Ms. Duvall represents clients in various Russian courts of law. She successfully resolved over 3,000 cases. Legal actions where Ms. Duvall acted as an attorney are published in official legal recourses and considered as persuasive authorities in terms of implementation of Russian statutes. Her duties are:


Courtís clerk in the Octyabrsky District Court of Saint Petersburg


Enforcement Officer in the Kominternovsky District of Kharkov city, Ukraine