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Family Law: termination of parental rights, rights of the child, child support. (Ukraine)
The theory:
You may remember the case? I had an extra marital affair with a Ukrainian woman
– Olga. The result was twins, 7 years ago. Under Ua law, the twins are entitled to child support = 1/3 of the father’s salary (not sure if this is gross or net) – to 18, or to age 23 for university students. The children have birth certificates registered under my name in Ukraine. Under English law the percentage of child support is C20%, based on normal domestic settlements. Of course, the norm in Uk salary terms would mean a higher settlement than under normal Ua salary terms.

The reality:
I was born in 1950. I live with my wife and support a daughter. I have been paying Olga 1000 Euros pm which is around 23% of my salary depending on exchange rate. She has a job, and earns about E675 at current X rate. I want to support the kids – for me it’s a moral obligation – but I want an agreement within reasonable limits. I also want unrestricted access to the children, ie without the mother’s presence. We have started a conversation aimed at finding an agreement to give Olga’s children security.

My issues are:
1. Overall the agreement needs to be workable – my salary is in the UK, the children in Ukraine. I don’t want to sign an agreement which is subject to Ukrainian legal requirements.
2. I need an agreement which is reasonable – if I am sick, made unemployed, or die, the agreement needs a termination or pause clause.
3. I retire at 65 subject to changes in law. I can’t guarantee payments of this level after that point.

The agreement so far (English version) looks as attached.

I would like your advice on
1. Whether you feel I should go ahead on this basis, what are the legal risks in your view?
2. Whether an agreement should be signed at all, and then under English or Ukrainian law? Is there an alternative?
3. What kind of clause should be introduced to cover uncertainty (unemployment, sickness, death, force majeure)?
4. What is likely to happen in the case that I die, while the children are under 18? Can they claim under English law against my estate?

Could you let me know how much this would cost and how to make payment to you?

Family Law: divorce proceedings, conclusion of marriage (Russia)
Both my wife, our child, and I reside in the US.
My wife and child are Russian
citizens, registered in St. Petersburg.
They have resided in the US now for almost 1 year.
I filed for divorce in St. Petersburg in March of this year.

She recently decided to include the child custody in the Russian divorce
and also file for divorce here in WI USA.

So now the divorce in St. Petersburg has went to the district court because of
the custody issue.

Does Russia have jurisdiction over my daughter who has both US and Russian passports?

It seems to me because my daughter resides in the US for more than 6 months, that the Russian court will not have jurisdiction over her. Is this correct?

Can we separate these issues and conclude the divorce in St. Petersburg?

Also, because I filed first, do you know if the divorce proceedings in
the US can be continued with the pending Russian divorce?

My goal is to complete the divorce in St. Petersburg as soon as possible.

Family Law: adoption, guardianship (Ukraine)
My wife is in the Ukraine with our two children. She has decided to seek divorce. We have been married since 2000. I have been unable to find a lawyer in the Ukraine. I want to make sure that she keeps her promise and she said that we will have dual custody, I will be able to travel with the children to the USA and back without her, she will not change their citizenship from Americans to Ukrainian. She only wants child support. I want to insure that this happens but I am scared that she will need me to sign a document in Russian and I told her I would not. I also want to insure that if one or both children want to stay with me in the USA that it will be permitted once they turn the proper age that they can make that call. I don't know what else I should ask for and I need help on this. My wife is already romantically and sexually involved with someone and she wants this to happen soon.
If you think there are other terms that I need to set, let me know. I will need someone that I trust that can do the translations and I want the travel documents as well so I can travel with the kids and she will need them also.
Can you help me with this? Please contact me by email as soon as possible please.

Family Law: adoption, guardianship (Ukraine)

Family Law: adoption, guardianship (Ukraine)

Family Law: adoption, guardianship (Ukraine)

Questions: 364
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